Replacement Windows, Gutters, Roofing & Siding in Nashville

Nashville's Best Choice for Replacement Windows and Home Improvements

Question   Are vinyl windows better than wood or metal windows?
    Answer  Absolutely... please read "Why Choose Vinyl?"

Question  Is the installation included in your prices?
    Answer  Yes, all of our products include basic installation unless otherwise noted.

Question How long does it take to get my window order?
    Answer An average order takes between 2 weeks to be built and shipped.  Once windows are received, we contact you to schedule your installation.  Tempered glass and painted vinyl add time to production.

Question How long does it take to install all of my new replacement windows?
    Answer That depends on the size and complexity of the job.  We complete interior work as quickly as possible to limit the amount of time you need to be at home.  Exterior work can be completed without anyone at home.

Question Will my energy bills go down once my new replacement windows are installed?
    Answer Best Choice replacement windows all have double pane insulated glass.  We are preferred providers for TVA.  We offer Energy Packages with Low-E and Argon gas which may qualify for TVA rebates.  Energy efficient windows will enhance the energy efficiency of your home and should lead to lower gas and electric bills.  Our windows also make your home substantially quieter by insulating from outside noise.

‚ÄčQuestion What kind of options and styles do you offer?
    Answer  We offer all window styles including: double-hung, single-hung, picture windows, architectural windows, casements, and awnings. We also offer a wide range of color and style options to choose from. Ask your sales representative for all of our options.

Question Can you install my windows in cold weather?
    Answer Yes, window installations during cold months are done by installing one window at a time minimizing the exposure to the outside temperatures. Your new energy efficient windows will have your home warmer and quieter in no time!

Question What "extra charges"are there?
    Answer Each job is different.  There are additional charges for items such as replacing rotten wood, working with lead-based paint, cutting out existing metal or vinyl windows, altering siding for replacement windows and addition of trim if necessary.

Question What should I do to prepare for new windows?
    Answer Please read  "Preparing for Your New Windows and Doors"